Odin download 3.13.1 all versions and Amazing facts about Odin3 flash tool

Amazing facts about Odin download that will make you think twice!

Since the smartphones and the other smart mobile devices have become essentials for the modern busy lifestyle, it seems to be that users are really eager to make customizations on their mobile devices. Present mobile devices users seem fun-loving when compared with early generations. If you make a quick search on the web, you will come across through numerous software packages which have been designed for touching the extremities with endless customization capabilities on both iDevices and Android handsets. With reference to the Android mobile devices, Odin download is the top-rated firmware flashing utility which is widely used. So, here we are going to focus on Odin mainly through making this post.

What are the operations that you can perform with Odin download?

One important fact that we would like to highlight here is that Odin 3 download is not just an ordinary firmware flashing utility. This amazing software has the potential of performing numerous extra functions along with flashing firmware versions.

Odin Download 3.13.1 Latest Version
Odin 3.13.1 Latest Version Screen

Can you believe that Odin has the capability of performing as rooting software?

If you are a long-term Android mobile user, of course, you might have a considerable idea regarding what rooting is. Though there is the number of rooting software available, we all know that Samsung Galaxy models are really hard to root.

But, you can definitely flash a root package with the help of Odin in order to acquire the root-level privileges on your latest Samsung Galaxy.

Available versions of Odin download

The following Odin versions are the most popular versions of the Odin flash tool in the Android community.

Odin 3.13.1 (NEW)

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How to flash stock firmware with Odin download for PC?

Actually; there are a few important facts which are required a lot of attention before dealing with Odin 3 Samsung. We are going to highlight them with the idea of avoiding any kind of misbehaviors due to flashing with Odin.

We thoroughly advise you to not to start any flashing operation without getting ready properly. Also, you can look at How to flash video tutorials on our Facebook page.

Here is what you need:

  • Adequate battery charge
  • A PC powered with Windows OS platform

Though Odin is capable of performing numerous kinds of flashing operations, here, we are going to focus on stock ROM flashing in detail. The following stepwise guide will be a great assistance for those who are willing to customize their Samsung handsets using Odin.

Here’s the deal;

Actually; there is considerable potential for losing your valuable personal data while the flashing process is going on. Therefore; make sure to keep a full backup of all the data on your handset.

Next important point that we would like to emphasize here is that it is pretty much important to choose the precise version of Odin which goes with the model of your handset. We highly recommend that starting the journey with the latest Odin version is the best decision. Typically; the latest versions are the most stable and fixed versions of any software package.

When you need to download the Odin for your mobile, make sure to grab the tool through a reputed website or else from the official thread on XDA Developers.

We hope that now you all have a clear idea regarding the precautions which have to be taken while before dealing with Odin 3 Samsung by going through all the above-mentioned information.

Now; it is time to take a look at the stock ROM flashing process.

  • Since Odin is a Windows-based utility, you have to configure this software on a PC which is powered with Windows operating system.
  • Do not forget to unzip the Odin software package as it comes as a zipped package.
  • There is no need of installing Odin on the PC.
  • Download the precise ROM package depending on the device model.
  • Locate the firmware package in an easily accessible location on your computer.
  • Check whether your PC has updated Samsung USB drivers (Download Samsung Odin drivers) or not.
  • If the PC lacks the latest USB device drivers, it is essential to update them into the latest USB device drivers.
  • Transform the Galaxy smartphone into the USB debugging mode.
  • Switch off the mobile.
  • Put the device into the DL mode or to the download mode.


Keep in your mind thoroughly that the steps are the bit different to each and every Galaxy handset model. You can find out how to transform your mobile into the DL mode by making a quick search on the web.

  • Now; it is time to establish the USB connection in between the PC and the mobile via a compatible or the original USB wire.
  • It is time to upload the ROM file which was downloaded earlier after making a click on the “AP” button or the “PDA” button on the Odin interface.

That is all you have to do!

  • You have to wait for a few minutes with patience until the flashing process reaches the endpoint.
  • Do not try to use the phone until you get the “Pass” message within a green colored box.
  • Disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Then you can restart the device.

Developer Gramercy

Originally; Odin is considered as internal engineering software of the Samsung Inclusion. No one knows how this tool got leaked to the public hand. Currently; the company does not hold any responsibility regarding this tool. But, we should thank the Samsung on behalf of creating this tool from the bottom of the heart. At present XDA Developers do everything related to updating as well as the further development of this firmware flashing tool. That is why; our sincere thanks should go to them as well.

The Bottom Line

There are a few important points with reference to Odin that we would like to emphasize at the end of this discussion.

Just have a look at the following points with great attention.

You will definitely lose the software warranty of your Samsung Android mobile after going ahead with the Odin flash tool. So, it is not a wise decision to undergo through when your beloved Samsung Galaxy handset is still under its warranty period.

If you make just a single mistake while proceeding with Odin, of course, there is great potential for bricking of the device. Carrying a bricked smartphone in your pocket is really similar to carry an inexpensive paperweight. Therefore; make sure to have a considerable idea about the flashing process that you are going to make before starting your journey with this Samsung flash tool.

In addition; it is necessary to choose the appropriate firmware packages for flashing according to the model of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Flashing an inappropriate firmware package can also lead your worthy device into the bricked state for sure.

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