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Odin Multi Downloader On this page, So you can find the official link to download on your Computer. Also, this Odin Multi Downloader file comes in a zip file type.

Odin Multi Downloader is a software used to flash the firmware either stock ROM or custom ROM to Samsung phones that run Android OS. If you want Find Samsung Firmware for your device we recommend irmwareupdatefile.com for  Download Firmware. In addition, that firmware page mainly provides all other Stock Firmware (Custom ROMs) for free to Download. Furthermore, you can Find all Samsung Firmware File for Download.

In addition, this Web Site mainly provides all another Odin3 flash tool for free to Download. Furthermore, you can Find Here all Odin3 (Wiki)  flash tool for Download. However the Odin Multi Downloader Flash tool shared on this page helps you to recover your device if you ever got software error, update error, boot-loop, hanging, and dead issue.

odin multi downloader

Readme !! Important !! –

  • pit and ops files are used by Odin software to identify partition for Samsung Android phones.
  • Because Different Samsung Android models use a different version of Odin and different pit or ops file.
  • If you flash any custom ROM on your Samsung device using Odin Multi Downloader Tool then it may void your phone warranty.
  • Especially Do not forget to Backup your phone.
  • If your device stuck in boot loop after downgrading, therefore factory reset your device from recovery mode.
  • Don’t disconnect the cable or turn off your device while flashing firmware, Don’t stop the process as it can happen brick your device.

Odin Multi Downloader Flash Tool

Below are a list of software version and download link

Odin Multi Downloader v4.44

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.44.00.zip
Size: 208.34 KB
File Type: Zip/Application

Odin-Multi-Downloader v4.43

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.43.00.zip
Size: 208.18 KB
File Type: Zip/Application

Odin Multi Downloader v4.42

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.42.00.zip
Size: 208.18 KB
File Type: Zip/Application

Odin Multi Downloader v4.38

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.38.00.zip
Size: 208.19 KB
Type: Zip/Application

Odin Multi-Downloader v4.34

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.34.00.zip
Size: 207.44 KB
File Type: Zip/Application

Odin-Multi-Downloader v4.29

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.29.00.zip
Size: 205.14 KB
Type: Zip/Application

Odin Multi Downloader v4.28

File Name: Odin-Multi-Downloader-v4.28.00.zip
Size: 205.02 KB
Type: Zip/Application

Note: Furthermore We will not responsible if you make any/all mistake or bricked your Samsung mobile or tablet.

Also Send your feedback in below comment section. When you have the problem, come back here and comment how to solve the problem. So It would be great for our readers.

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